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Lights Out: Sensor Tower is a port of the old fashion Lights out game but made with modern design and unique game play animations for your fun. Click on red squares to turn them out, but the red squares in the four adjacent positions around them will all toggle state, which means lights that were off may turn back on! Be awareeee!!! All levels are ALWAYS solvable, as levels are generated by starting with a board with all lights off and pressing a random sequence of buttons.

Main features:

★ 100 Levels and more to come

★ Google Play Achievements

★ Modern material design

★ Level restart: want to start it clean? No problem

★ Optimized for Tablets

★ Hints (coming soon)

How to play:

Clicking a square toggles this square and 4 neighbor squares. Tap squares until you turn off all the reddish ones. Remember: you should complete the levels with a minimum number of moves.

The more you play the more complex challenges arise and you must resolve them. You think you have a good logic? Let's find out...


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